You Know You’ve Made A Mistake When…

After lunch today, I stopped by small local store, which sells real food. I especially like their ice cream sandwiches made with quality vanilla ice cream and delicious homemade cookies. Clutching my treat, I headed for the counter. The young lady there glanced at my “Water Is Life” #NODAPL tee-shirt, and said, “Nice shirt.” As she rang things up and handed over the change, she looked straight in my eyes and said, “Thank you for your support.”

I stood there a moment processing my thoughts, and slowly began, “You know, I totally disapprove of fracking. And I despise these curst pipelines and the people who build them.” Building up steam, I added, “I’m not a violent person, but I’d like to stomp on their toes and slap their faces with an oily dead fish!”

She looked startled and then grinned. Leaning forward on the counter, eyes twinkling, she said, “You know they’ve made a mistake when grandmothers start rioting in the street!”

I nodded and laughed and, leaning on my cane, I stomped out fiercely to the car.

I’m going to get another tee-shirt made.

3 thoughts on “You Know You’ve Made A Mistake When…

  1. An oily dead fish? Really? 🙂 It is amazing when we discover the moments when we lock lights and get each other. These are precious moments in a disturbing world. I think a great T-shirt would be a graphical image of you….riding a motor scooter over the toes of pipeline construction workers, whipping around a dead oily fish and laughing and burning rubber outta there. I guess little old ladies just aren’t what what they used to be!

  2. Ronald, I don’t think we old ladies are what we used to be. I suspect my grandmother on our farm in Oklahoma would have taken a pitchfork to them. I don’t think I even have a pitchfork handy. How we have declined in modern times!

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