What Is Natural Magic?

I use the phrase “natural magic” often, and sometimes people ask me to explain it.

I can’t.

But I’m going to try anyway. Or at least I’ll try circling around it, hoping that you get it too. I’m pretty certain that you will and that you may even already know it, perhaps under another name.

First of all, it’s not like “casting a spell” – it isn’t so much something you do as it is something you are. It might be more like an intention… you see? I’m already lost trying to explain it.

Oookay… let’s take healing, for example. The way I do (and teach) healing is that you open yourself up to healing energy, inviting it to flow through you, grounding and connecting you to both heaven and earth. Then when you are cleansed, filled, and overflowing, you invite it to flow into someone else to cleanse and fill them, and they also become grounded and connected to both heaven and earth.

(I use the word “heaven” loosely, not in a Judeo-Christian sense, although you can use it that way if that’s what works for you – just be careful not to limit it!)(You might prefer to call it “nonlocal consciousness.)

Natural magic is pretty much the same thing. You invite it to fill you – and then you let it flow into… something…

(In fact, I suspect that this kind of healing and natural magic are the same thing, but I’m not quite certain of that.)

You don’t exactly tell it to do this or to make that so. You hold it loosely. One way to do that is to say, “Wouldn’t it be lovely if (thus and such) or something even better comes to pass?”

This freedom allows O Universe to be co-creator with you. It allows something wiser than your conscious mind to choose how to bring you what you truly, deeply, and wisely need and want. It’s much more of a surrender to the magic than it is a conscious choice.

Got that? Questions? Observations?

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5 thoughts on “What <em>Is</em> Natural Magic?

  1. This is a beautiful explanation of natural magic. I’ve been working with it for years now, and had never been able to put my finger on this, but I absolutely love this perspective. Thank you! <3

  2. Liz, if I hadn’t been doing healing all of these years, I’d have never have figured out how to explain it at all, but really it’s a very similar process to distant healing. I need to think about it some more.

  3. With healing, you open yourself to be filled with the energy. It is the same in Christian healing, we open ourselves to the gift in faith to be filled with healing power (energy) to pass to another, or to heal ourselves. Natural magic is much the same as when we pray for a certain outcome. We ask for the Creator to work through us for what is needed or towards a certain happening and in faith we keep our focus or energy on that goal that he may work through us. We also do not TELL God to make something happen, we ask and proclaim the belief that what we need and again, keep faith and an open heart for it to happen. It surprises me how many Christians are afraid of the words “magic”. Isn’t all healing and granting of good as magical as can be? Pagan and Christian are not that far apart if you open your mind and heart to it all being just a different way to phrase and to practice.

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