Another Winter Solstice

I’ve been trying and trying
(as I’m wont to do
at this point on the wheel of the year)
to figure out
what I need and want to achieve
in the coming dance around the Sun.

It always helps
to have a plan
or at least an intention —
or so I’ve believed.
It took me a long time to see
that this year is different.

Standing on the crest
of the moving wave of time,
I realize that simply
being here
is tricky enough.
Keeping my balance
is a full-time job.

With one new knee
and one old knee,
my two legs are trying
to learn to work together —
balanced, but flexible, adjusting
with poise, serenity,
and a certain easy nonchalance
to constant time travel.

And, it seems, that this applies
to everything in my life.
There is no stasis
in the realm of time.

Mindfulness is the only way.
Mindfulness of the whole picture —
of all of the forces,
all of the pressures and urges and needs,
all at once —
surfing the crest of the time’s wave.

And if I fall, plunging to the depths,
I must be mindful of that as well —
and then be sure
to at least find
a different error
for the next time.

I had wanted to set goals
but I’m told that, if I keep my balance
in the moment, what to do
and when to do it
serendipitously and synchronistically
becomes obvious.

All things make themselves known
in their proper season —
indeed, at their precise second.

That degree of mindfulness
doesn’t sound easy, but
it will be a fascinating way
to try to live.

Jessica Macbeth
21 December, 2012
© Copyright 2012 by Jessica Macbeth. All rights reserved.