Random Thoughts — Beauty

You know, I keep hearing people say that to be beautiful, you have to accept yourself, and that doesn’t matter what other people think. I disagree — maybe that is what you have to do to feel beautiful, but not to be beautiful.

To be beautiful, you have to have the glow that having a generous heart gives you. You have to radiate love. You have to glow with kindness. It’s not something you see or feel, say or pretend — it’s something you are.

And if you are not that, all the acceptance, all the adulation, all the pretty features, fancy feathers, and walking away from people because they don’t admire you enough will never make you beautiful. It’s just that radiant glow of love and kindness…

O! Perhaps that is why so many people aren’t beautiful until they smile — true smiles are about simple giving rather than about receiving or judging.

What people most likely really want is not to be beautiful, but to be loved. “Beautiful” is just a means to an end, and the end is love and admiration, an overcoming of insecurity, a sense of being valued, or at worst, a certain kind of power. Buddhists suggest that, if you feel unloved, to give love to others; if you feel unhappy to try to create happiness for others; whatever you think you lack of emotional satisfaction, provide it for others.

Oddly enough, this actually works, if practiced with some sincerity and patience. There are reasons for that, and I could go on and on about this (and nearly did), but it’s past my bedtime and I’m thinking that it might be interesting for you to think about those reasons. Humans are indeed odd creatures.

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