Pouring Forth Sacredness into the World

Someone asked me what I mean when I talk about living in sacredness or the sacredness of life or opening ourselves to sacredness—or best of all, to pour forth sacredness into our lives and this was my response:

One way to think of sacredness is our awareness of that still hypothetical nonlocal consciousness—which I’m working on writing about for a web page. Nonlocal consciousness is also called subtle energy and has many names in different cultures and religions: chi, ki, prana, the holy ghost, and many others are all versions or derivatives of this concept. We each have our own individual way of recognizing or perceiving or denying it. What comes to my mind when I let myself relax into that perception are feelings of openness, of endlessness, of … well… love.

I don’t know if you meditate, but that is something that greatly facilitates being open to that energy because we need a calm mind, open and relaxed rather then tense and self-protective.

As far as pouring sacredness forth, I know this is going to sound simplistic, but the truth is that it is simple. One way to do this is to visualize a source of that energy in some way, It can be god/dess or the glory of the stars in some of the photographs we see or any other image that suits your view of the universe. Alternatively, if visualization doesn’t work for you, remembering and connecting with the feeling of receiving love works even better.

Some people find that, in the beginning, music that evokes that kind of connected feeling can sometimes be helpful—just letting the feeling of the music flow through you, relaxing into it. The feeling of being blessed by anything is part of the same thing as well. Once you connect with the feeling, think of that feeling/energy flowing through you to your heart, and then flowing to your voice, your hands, whatever part of you is acting upon the world.

You could be talking to a friend, cooking a meal, carving a sculpture, singing, cleaning house, doing your work, making love, opening a door and holding it for the person ahead of or behind you. Most people find it easiest in the beginning to practice this when they are sitting quietly alone and can just focus on the feeling of the energy flowing through. Then they can begin extending that into their daily lives. With enough practice, it becomes like breathing—a part of life.

And that’s really all there is to it. Practice improves the perception of the energy, the sense of it flowing through you, and the strength with which it affects the world around you.

Thank you for asking—it’s a question I like trying to answer. If anyone has further questions about this, I’d be pleased to try to discuss them. It’s good for me to think about this, even though I don’t have any definitive answers—just experiences and knackerty knotions and occasionally some creative ideas.

2 thoughts on “Pouring Forth Sacredness into the World

  1. Madame, your ” knackerty knotions and occasionally some creative ideas” light the way for countless people, I’m certain.
    Thank you for sharing this. <3

    1. Thank you, Lana. I love my knackerty knotions and the way they seem to burst out of nowhere and nothing, like gifts. I’m grateful for these gifts and so happy to have others to share them with.

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