If I Were A Witch…

If I were a witch, I might be good
and do the things that I think I should —
because love grows only from loving.

I’d keep my wand clean and fully charged
and see that each kindness got enlarged —
because love only grows from loving.

I’d help the homeless shelter themselves —
this just takes work, not magic or elves —
and they’d learn love does grow from loving.

I’d teach the children myths and the arts
and feed them all fresh strawberry tarts —
so they’d learn we grow best from loving.

I’d refrain from the careless sowing
of hard words and yet harder throwing
of anger that keeps love from growing.

I’m not a witch, but I am trying
to do my best, and not just crying,
because I know I can only grow

from loving.

Copyright © 2000 by Jessica Macbeth. All rights reserved. This poem originally appeared in my newsletter, An Lios

9 thoughts on “If I Were A Witch…

    1. Marta, I’m far from perfect and I’m still learning and practicing. There is a reason why we call spiritual work “practice” == I think most of us are still learning. 😉

      1. Jessica, you’re too modest, I do believe in your thinking about “practice”, but you’re an inspiration to us all!

      2. Jessica, you’re way too modest. Although I agree with your thinking about “practice”, you’re an inspiration to us all!

    1. Paul, I’ve been thinking lately about some poems I’ve written that might be songs if only I were a musician!

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