Harken, Listen, Pay Attention

Do you think you hear birds singing?
What if you’re hearing faeries?
What if they sing like skylarks,
like blackbirds or wrens?
What if they fly like eagles and owls
or cheeky sparrows or spotted towhees?

What if they are singing
for the caged and tear-gassed children?
What if they are singing
for the mothers who weep for their children?
What if they are singing
for the  fathers, helpless in the hands of the wicked?

Earth’s fae spirits know this is so wrong —
We are Earth’s children also —
why don’t we get it?

I mustn’t read the news before I try to sleep.
I mustn’t read the news before I try to eat.
If I must read the news (and really I must)
there must be a time to mourn after
and then strength to fight the battles.
Evil seems never to stop, never to give up.

What is it about humans
that so many of us must be
watched every moment?

Are we listening? Are we hearing
the faeries singing like birds —
like blackbirds and mournful owls
like wrens and eagles?
Do we harken at all?
Are we learning anything?

Photo: Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters

Apparently not.

© 2018 by Jessica Macbeth. All rights reserved.

One thought on “Harken, Listen, Pay Attention

  1. Great points. Humans seem bent on self-destruction and cruelty. Why can’t we-who are supposedly superior to birds-to live simply caring for our family and group. Mere survival is hard enough. Yes, I think many creatures watch us and feel sorrow for the tragedy in the making. Caging children. violence waiting around the corner. Needless destruction, cruelty and joy of terrorizing Nature. Do birds cry in alarm? Quite possibly. This draws the picture of sorrow of our age now.

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