Gabriella Suzanne

Gabriella Suzanne.

What’s in a name? Anything? Everything?
Gabi Su would say it only matters if it matters.
But she is a cat. Or she was a cat,
who has now been promoted to Cat Spirit,
Cat Mother, Cat Goddess,
Wild Cat who roams the forest
and who sleeps so lightly on my bed
in the tenebrous night.

When Gabi Su first came to me
she was called “Susan” —
much too ordinary
for who she really was.
But when I asked her True Name,
she said, “Who, Me?
I’m no one at all. I don’t have a Name.”

That just couldn’t be right. Even I,
a mere human, knew that and we humans
hardly ever even know our own True Names.

Her sister Sally was so emphatically a Sally,
diminutive royalty, that no one ever got it wrong.
Brother Samuel was not a Samuel at all, but
he knew he was Robbie,
Round Robbie, if you please.
But “Susan” — who was she really?
It took years to find out.

She was sitting on the arm of my chair,
half talking, half singing about something
complicated and long. When she paused
I said, “You should have been named “Gabby”.
She looked astonished and pleased
and head-butted my nose. Suprised,
I said, “Really? Your Name is Gabby?”
She turned her head away, a clear cat “No.”

Thinking about it, then asking, “Could it be
Gabriella?” Still turned away,
she looked at me out of the corner
of her eye and waited. “Gabriella Suzanne?”
Head-butts, pat-a-cheeks, nose kisses, all in a flurry.
We had it at last!

“Gabriella Suzanne, would you like a treat?”

The turning away of the head. Not right.
I sighed. Thinking again, saying, “Gabi Su?”
Another nose kiss and, tail high,
she led me to where she knew
the best treats lived.

But, now, today,
when I mark the stone
for her grave, it will be
Gabriella Suzanne.

Copyright © 2018 by Jessica Macbeth. All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “Gabriella Suzanne

  1. Blessings of love and light to Gabriella Suzanne as she journeys upon, and over the rainbow bridge. Peace, and comfort to her feline siblings, and her human as you all bid her farewell. Thank you, Jesa, for sharing with us the discovery of her true name.

  2. I know this pain and loss. I remember when you took the long ride to adopt the three. I’m glad Gabby got years in a real home.

  3. As you pointed out-naming a cat is quite important. It cannot be done willy-nilly. If we are to become an appropriate companion for these wondrous beings, the job must be well considered. Just the proper name. So they are clear that we respect them and pay due homage. If we at lucky, they bestow their companionship in our bed, our chair, our hearth. We are privileged to listen in on their chatty conversations with birds. We travel thru life together. If they have chosen their person wisely-they receive their bits of tuna and cream and catnip. And love-ups and nose kisses. They understand they only travel with us a short while so their attention span is brief. as is our travel time together. Then they are off to new adventures. New sofas and chairs. New hoomans to love them as they deserve. In our brief time together we come to love and understand each other. Not always agree-you know that ugly old chair really did need a good clawing to look proper. And we say goodbye when their fragile bodies give way to other callings. We do what we are able, and then send them off. That’s the best we can do and that they can do. And then we miss them and cry occasionally when thinking about their warm purring bodies on our lap. I have had many I have loved and understand the wrenching pain. But, they are simply off to new adventures and their beings never die. Simply off to new adventures. I am so very sorry for your loss of beautiful Gabriella Suzanne. Nose kisses!

  4. Lovely. Thank you for sharing. I do not have cats and never have because of my dogs but I think they are lovely beings.

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