Eclipses, Changes, & Cairns

Not complaining really, but I certainly could use a break from eclipses and other potent astrological phenomena. In the midst of the early May lunar eclipse, I decided that I had to completely revamp the on-line class I’m teaching. I’ve been working hard at that ever since. During last week’s solar eclipse, I decided that I finally knew what I really needed to do with a some of my sites that have just been spinning their wheels for a long while without any actual traction. It all started with a when I re-posted on Facebook a link to a blog by my good friend, Nancy Hendrickson, and made the comment that I was having to rethink what I’m doing because of a question she raised there. The question was “What breaks your heart?” and it was part of a series designed to help people find their passion, their personal true north.

Some months ago, I answered that question with “What we are doing to our Earthmother, and what we are doing to our children and their future!” And that is still my heart’s clear clarion call. But my question to myself today was, “So how have I refocused my energies to actually answer that summons?”


I got complicated about it. Did you see my last blog about complicating things? Well, I’d done it again! I must stay within the parameters of my physical ability to create change. I can use my resources, which are mostly very intangible — my skill in writing, in healing, in teaching — but I can only use them in ways within my physical capacity.

So I’d gone through this convoluted process of concluding that what I could do is to write/teach the things I know on-line… to adults. And yes, I’ve started that process and will keep right on doing this. And the effects will, I hope, ripple out into the world as a force for creating a better world for all of Earthmama’s children. But I wanted something a lot more direct.

As I was thinking about all this, Nancy phoned me. She’d seen my comments and wondered what I was thinking. We were both wondering what we were thinking. We have a nice synergy, Nancy and I. We’ve worked together for so many years that even though we rarely see each other, we talk often about the things that matter most to us. We both have a deep and abiding concern about the global situation ecologically and politically and how that will play out into the future. Unsurprisingly, we concluded that we both have to do whatever we can to try to nudge things into a healthier direction. But what can we do?

I’ll let Nancy tell her own story about this, but I want to share mine with you — just in case it helps you get some traction on your own true north.

There are three things I want to do. First, I want to write more books. People keep telling me that I “ought” to put on paper all the stuff I know about healing and all those things. They say that people need to know. Maybe so. The online Jesa’s Woo Woo Classes are a step in that direction because they get me to actually write these things. But I also want to write some books for children themselves (the kind that adults enjoy reading as well). While I’ve made some efforts in that direction, this needs to move way up on my priority list. I want the books to show how to heal and to enhance ourselves and the world, but they must do so without being “teachy” or “preachy”. I would like them to be simple and wise, to help the spirit and mind to flower on all levels of development, and to be fun! This, it seems, is not easy to write!

Second, I have a website called and a Facebook community, Faery Wisdom & Fae Dreams. Both of these sites have been languishing while I dealt with other things. They are now knee-deep in dust, but at least it’s faery dust and still has a certain sparkle. (The fae do not think of time as we do. It was at their suggestion that the Facebook page was put up over a year ago, but only now am I starting to understand why they pushed for it in the first place. But, talking to Nancy, I suddenly realized that these were a good base for connecting with the Wise Child Within, the nature spirits, and all of Earthmama’s children. They are potentially a place for us to help each other discover and improve creative ways to move forward in healing the lives of our children — and ourselves. It has to be done in a spirit of joy and kindness, and it has to reach out and be inclusive of all Earthmother’s children. How to do that? I don’t know… I have some ideas, but I’ll need a lot of help to make this fly. If you’re interested, you’d be most welcome on the Facebook site where we can share and discuss ideas.

The subtitle of the Faery Wisdom & Fae Dreams group says: “Faery and the Wise Child Within — for spiritual growth, for healing of the world’s children, for deepening our connection with Mother Nature and our faery kindred.” Description: “For the Wise Child Within — Faery stories (ancient and new), how they see us, some magical knackerty knotions we all can apply, faery nonsense, reading the oracle, faery dreams & visions, original faery art posted only by the creators, experiences with the fae, and more. How can we interact with faery in ways that are healing and inspiring for us, for the Wise Child Within, for the children we connect with, for all of Earthmama’s children? What can we offer to and receive from the fae?

To quote a phrase from an O. Henry story, we need to be “childlike and wise” — and “childlike” and “childish” have almost nothing in common.

And the third thing…

The blessing cairn — when I first moved to where I live now, the process of shaping the land to allow access to humans left me with a big pile of dirt with a nice view of Polaris, the North Star. Faery inspiration struck — you can read about this more fully on The inspiration was to gradually cover the dirt with layers of stone, to turn it into a cairn, and for each stone placed there, a blessing was to be requested and sent to a particular person or situation. So what I did was to put up the web pages about the cairn and invite people to send requests so I could add them to the cairn. Then, one day when I was sitting on the cairn, something happened.

I’d just placed a few more requested stones on it, and I was focused on the healing and blessings being sent when suddenly I felt this strong sense of connection. At first, I thought it was links to the people that these stones were for, but as the energy came flooding in and flowing through, I realized that it was something much more than that. Yes, it connected to them, but surprisingly, this small, barely born cairn also married with other sacred places of the earth — some very ancient, some quite new. They were all linked in a web of light. And this bright web was anchored in stone, in earth, in many places in this wide world, in the body of Earthmother.

It was an overwhelming experience to feel that network directly. It was also quite surprising to realize that it takes so little to create a sacred space — a few stones and a clear meditative intention, symbolically anchored in the earth. I could see the healing light coming in from other, older and stronger places. But, surprisingly, I could see the light going out from this one to strengthen the rest as well. And with every additional stone and intention, with every meditation, the entire web became stronger.

I would not have thought that anything one person could do would make a real difference, but what I could see and feel here was that it does. It was startling to realize that it wasn’t just me doing my little solitary thing in the woods all by myself, but that it was innumerable people tossing a penny in the “lucky” well, placing a stone on a cairn, saying a prayer for healing and blessing in a church or temple, and that we were all joined together by a scintillating web of light created by the intention of blessing. I didn’t have to do anything to create or join these links. The web of light is alive; it expands to wherever it can put down roots. It can be blessed and made stronger by each of us, and none of us are alone in this. It is, it has to be a community effort — a communion, a sacred act.

And then I had to move away from the land.

So, I did the only thing I could do. I didn’t think it would work, but I put a flowerpot with some earth in it on the porch of the apartment in town that I moved to, and I kept on putting blessings in stones, small ones now, and putting them in the pot. I didn’t expect this to become a part of the world wide web. I planned to carry the stones over to the land and sneakily place them on the cairn. But… the flowerpot linked itself into the web. I could feel it when it connected. Later on, through a series of miracles and kindness, I was able to move back to this land and put the stones in my flowerpot onto the cairn. The cairn had become overgrown — small trees were shooting up rapidly. But the light was still there. Now it is being reclaimed, mostly by the efforts of my neighbor, Tom, who has a Taurean passion for healing the earth.

Which brings me to the new addition to the web, the Blessing Cairn page on Facebook. You know, I puzzled about this. My friend, Nancy, thought it was a good idea. Another friend, Alison, also joined in. It felt like it should start with the three of us. And to my astonishment, I could already feel the light from it. How could this be? How did it anchor into the network of light? Silly question, of course. The WorldWideWeb is a network of energy! Everyone knows that. And it connects into the physical world through computers, large and small, which are touched by hands all around the world. And all kinds of energy flow through it — healing and hurting, pain and sorrow and empathy and joy, anger and love, and even wisdom. It’s all there. Can we make the WWW a brighter place? Can we consciously bring healing to the world through this? I know we can. People are already doing exactly that, often without realizing that they are doing it. Every kind and healing intention blesses and strengthens the web, just as the hurtful, cruel, and dark things dim it. Just as we can with the stones of the earth, so can we do with the silicon chips of our computers and the energy that flows through them. We can add to the light. And the WWW needs all the healing light it can get. We can, if we persist at it, tip the balance toward healing and love.

So, this is about creating and/or strengthening a sacred place in the world to ask for and give blessings and to help with the spiritual healing of Gaia and her children. I’ve already seen how many of you are already doing something like this — gifts of healing, kindness, and compassion going into the world. We invite you to join us. We hope to see more blessing cairns and their many equivalents spread throughout the world in a web of light anchored in stone. We want to consciously focus here on the creation and maintenance of sacred spaces – in our homes, on our land, and in the world, urban and wild, and in the network that is the WWW. We want to see your photos and art work of the sacred spaces you are connected with or are building.

On the WWW we are located at the Blessing Cairn and we welcome you to join us. We’ll be discussing earth energies, healing, the building of cairns, and related things. We’ll be strengthening those sacred sites by interacting with their subtle healing energies, and we’ll be considering how we can best keep them clear and bright, radiating healing and joy out to an uncertain world. But, perhaps most of all, this will be a place for people to request and to give blessings, to pour healing love and light into the world.

So. I have more projects in an already project-overflowing life. But at least these are all the right projects. They make my heart sing. I welcome you to participate when and as you wish.

The photograph is relevant. It’s my granddaughter hugging the Motherstone in the Goddess Garden that was then across from the Blessing Cairn.

© Copyright 2005 Jessica Macbeth. All rights reserved to both photograph and text.

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  1. Jessica, i loved the essay and photo of your granddaughter in particular! It’s the first thing i read in the morning (7:44 am in Montenegro) and i am so glad my day started with the Fairy magic and you!

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