Calling All Cells

You know how sometimes you say something you hadn’t even been thinking about? Just spontaneously, as if you’d thought it all along, but didn’t ever know it? What happened last night was something like that, but not exactly. I woke up sometime in the small hours. Pain woke me, but I was very sleepy. This happens pretty often these days and I’ve tried various ways to heal or at least cope with it. This time I heard my half-asleep voice say softly, “Calling all cells! Calling all cells! Time to relax! Be aware. Relax, relax, relax. All cells relax!”

The interesting thing was that the cells seemed to do exactly that! I could feel it happening — tension and pain draining down through my head, body, arms, legs, and out my fingers and toes in waves. I was surprised that it was happening so vividly, so quickly, without what I think of as “me” taking any active part in it.

Now, I’ve had other experiences of rapid energy change in healing and self-healing, in meditation, in dreams, but this seemed different in that it felt so mechanical. I know that after 70-odd years of doing healing, I’ve experienced a lot of strange things and learned a lot of surprising things, but I the more I learn the more I know that I’m just a beginner. Now I need to figure out how to practice this effectively when wide awake as well as nearly sleeping. I wonder if a lot of conscious repetition would drill it into the half-conscious state where it seems to work most effectively and could be automatically accessible when I need it?

I’m curious (of course) — what happens if YOU try it?

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6 thoughts on “Calling All Cells

  1. That’s really interesting. It’s a way to address the body, but at a level way, way down – it seems to go deeper than when I, for example, pay attention to the body’s energy field in meditation. I wonder if it’s more effective in a half-waking state, when the waking mind is less bright and dominant. Dunno. This is worth playing with. Thanks, Jesa.

    1. My pleasure, Paul. Going by my experience with hypnosis, meditation, and visualization, I suspect (but don’t know) that this has a chance of being both effective and focused — but not easy to access. I was amused by the
      way it was phrased, but at the same time, it certainly was effective.

  2. One thing I like about it is that instead of dealing with it all on yer onesie, you’re now in relationship with someone/something. You can dialogue if you want. You can ask those cells what they need. You can tell them what’s needed. Whatever the moment calls for.

    1. I like that, Paul. I just realized that I get into the habit of ignoring them because they complain such a lot and I just want to get on with things. However… that isn’t very good thinking on my part!

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