An Introduction to Jesa's Woo-Woo Class

For the folks who are interested…

Why is this a woo-woo class? Well, many of us have encountered people who think it’s cute to call the psychic and intuitive things they don’t understand—and may not want to understand—”woo-woo” while waggling their fingers in the air and grinning in a silly way. I think they are funny in a pitiful way, BUT I also have another reason. When I was a very small child, I couldn’t say my own last name (Williams) and pronounced it Woowoo. I find it useful, amusing, and relaxing to remind myself of how very young each of us is in the Universe and how very little we know and that this need not stop us from learning and doing what we can, which includes some pretty amazing things. There is sometimes a tendency to get a little pompous about these things and I wouldn’t want that to happen to any of us—it’s a terrible obstacle to growth.

In this Universe of unknown powers and magic and inconceivable stuff, we humans are most likely all small children compared with what we may eventually become. This is a course on Becoming. It doesn’t have a set ending date, and I intend to continue it as long as anyone is interested. It is also possible to enroll at any time.

Starting on 20 March 2013, the approximate time of the vernal equinox, and following on each Wednesday thereafter (or as near to that as I can manage) a new lesson post will be made on the private Yahoo group, Jesa’s Woo-Woo Class, and a duplicate of the lesson will be posted on my web pages. The reason for the duplicate on the website is to make it easy to find the lessons for review, and also to allow people to learn from them without having to be a member of the class on Yahoo if that is their preference.

General topics that we will be covering may include meditation, energy perception, energy work, energy anatomy, energy balancing, distant healing, hands-on healing, intuitive awareness, psychic perception, psychic reading, oracle and tarot reading, spiritual counseling, dowsing, scrying, psychic art, kything, aura sensing, aura reading, working with the dying, working with the unborn, chakras and kundalini energies, dream work, inner journeying for information and problem solving, vision quests, ethics and more ethics, faery stuff, spirit and spiritual stuff, and lots of other stuff. It won’t really be about dogma or theory, but about things we can experience, practice, and do—things that make a difference in our lives. In fact, the key phrase I want to see often in postings to the list is “my experience is…”. Or “was…” The phrases I probably don’t want to see are “I was told that…” or “I read that…” There are many other places to learn about other people’s theories or dogma, but this class isn’t really one of them—we’re about experiential learning. I, too, will try to follow this guideline!

How the classes are organized…

Once a week I’ll post a topic to the group with some information on it and an exercise or two or three for all of us to practice. After that, it’s going to be up to you to think about it and practice the exercises. During the following weeks, you are invited to share and discuss your experience with the techniques and to ask questions about them. Whenever questions come up for you about the exercises and practices, you may (and are encouraged to) ask them in the group.

Please note: I will not be able to answer questions (either lesson related or personal) off-list, so do send yours to the group. I’ll be depending on you to give feedback about your practice and to ask questions and raise your concerns on the week’s topic. Your questions with my answers will probably be most of the class—the Wednesday lesson is just the starting point.

Where you can see the classes…

As each class is posted to the group it is also posted to a public web site at where it will remain available to anyone to look at whenever they wish. You’re welcome to do the class on your own if you like, but—fair warning—I will not answer questions from anyone not enrolled in the class, so you’re on your own with that.

You need to know now that this is going to be work, and it needs some time committed to it. Sure, you can skim through the written lesson and maybe try an exercise once in a while, but if people do that, it won’t be very long before they are lost and don’t understand what is being discussed. This is a very practical, experiential class, each lesson building on the ones before, and practice and experience are exactly what it takes to get value from it. Many of the exercises seem so simple that people sometimes think they don’t even need to practice them, but my experience has shown me that these exercises are very powerful, if the power of practice goes into them. They are also often much more difficult to do really effectively than they may seem the first time around. Truly, you’ll get more out than you put in, but you have to put it in first. Time x Energy = Results. (Notice that energy multiplies the time spent—it doesn’t just add it.) I can’t (and wouldn’t anyway) stand over you with a stick like some Zen Masters do. It’s going to be up to you.


I will not keep track of who does and who doesn’t share their experiences or ask questions, nor will I make any judgements about that. This is all up to you, and I know it’s a lot harder to do it on your own than it would be in a group working together in a physical space. However, if we take a lesson from the Collective of Pixies and do our dance with a happy heart, we’ll all get a lot out of this. Please remember that I’ve been doing this for a long time and generally know quite a bit about each topic, but I tend to base what I actually tell you on the questions you ask. I do so on the theory that you’ll ask the questions that you need the answers to now. Sometimes I’ll be moved to offer additional information, but for the most part, it’s up to you to ask.

To Enroll…

It’s not very complicated. The Jesaclass Yahoo group is set up to be private and part of that is that membership is by invitation only. All this means is that you need to write to me at saying that you’d like to be in the class, and giving me your name and the email address that you want used. I’ll then send you an invitation as soon as Yahoo allows (it only lets me send a certain number every day). Then you simply confirm the invitation as it tells you to. And we’re good to go. The class is ongoing and new people may enroll whenever they decide to.


I may want at some point to collate these practices and exercises into e-books (and possibly paper books) available to the public. There are two things I want you to know about this.

First, please be aware that I will never publish or share anything you say in the group outside of the group, especially personal things. If you should happen to give some brilliant teaching in the group that I’d like to quote in a book or on a website someday, I’ll contact you off list to ask permission to use it with credit to you. And if you say no, I’ll cheerfully respect that.

Secondly, please consider that what I write in the group is copyright—all of it—and not to be used outside of the group. (This is also legally true of the things you or anyone else write to the group.) If you want to use some of my teachings in classes that you’re teaching, please consult me first and we’ll work out a way you can do that freely and still keep my copyright intact. Thank you for your courtesy about this!

Any questions?

24 thoughts on “An Introduction to Jesa's Woo-Woo Class

  1. Well OF COURSE I would like to be included! This sounds fascinating and I for one have the time. Please do count me in, Jesa and if I ever say anything intelligent (unlikely) don’t even bother to ask my permission to publish. You know that you have always had that. x

    1. Shannon, There will be an invitation for you. I reached Yahoo’s limit for 24 hours when I sent Avery’s but I should be able to send more late this evening. I’ll do yours then! Thank you for asking!

  2. have you any more room in your class jessica.. my old skills have gone to pot? x I don’t know whether it makes a difference that i’m in gree
    nwich the way my name was williams and i used to say when asked: My name is jane caroline willy-williams and was indignant when the adults laughed

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